What's new with John Thrasher Music

Three private parties this week, two Friday for my former CPA firm, Frazier and Deeter, and a house party for Lyn Fields, both in Atlanta, and one Saturday for a 50th birthday party in Dunwoody, a duo show with Christian Leonard.  In studio with Brent tomorrow (Tuesday), and Wednesday recording vocals for two of the last tracks on the album, "Tail Lights" a Francisco Vidal (good friend and agent) original and "Dallas" an original I wrote with producer and lead guitarist Brent McDonald.  After "Dallas" and "Tail Lights" are recorded, we will stand firm at 8 songs... currently debating over whether to leave it at those 8 or write 2 more and make it a full length, 10 song album.  We will for sure keep y'all posted!